Quack quack!!!

About a month ago I took my 2 year old son to feed the ducks at the River Holme in Holmfirth. To our amazement we saw a Mandarin Duck, such a beautiful creature.

Two weeks after my encounter with Mr. Mandarin, Huddersfield Examiner had a front page spread of him in all his glory, ‘my’ famous Mandarin duck… He had swam all the way to Dewsbury!

Below is my attempt at taking a picture whilst making sure my son didn’t jump in after him (right) & the Examiners picture (left) putting my photography skills to shame.

And after all the excitement of my now famous Mandarin, on Monday whilst walking back from the village of Holmfirth I saw a Heron looking very statuesque. At first I thought it was an ornament until after 5 minutes of not moving even slightly it dived into the water like a bolt and came up with its tea… a rather large fish!… I was reminded to nip to the shop to get my son his fish fingers!!!

It is amazing what you see in that stretch of river through Holmfirth!

Actually, can anyone guess what I saw there last year? There will be a prize for the winner!

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