Sheffex Exhibition

Well, if that was the first “Sheffex” (The Sheffield Business Exhibition held at Ponds Forge) then all I can say from our point of view was that it was a roaring success!

We met some amazing business owners as well as dedicated, fantastic fund raisers for various charities.

Everyone was quite wary being the first event here but the display stands looked inviting and their  tins of biscuits, sweets, health bars, coffees, cocktails and our own award-winning  Balance cupcakes made approaching tables much easier.  Our own brilliant Balance team at the event, Ashley, Elizabeth, Rachel. Josh and myself did us more than proud and we are already looking forward to seeing our “new friends” next year!

A special mention and thank you to Yorkshire Air Ambulance as I won their “Business Card Drop” prize!   A cuddly, fluffy toy Air Ambulance helicopter for my son.  A perfect end to a great business networking day.

This article was compiled by Austen Barrowclough.

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