Going French at Balance Accountants

Here at Balance Accountants we are really gearing up for the Tour de France. As well as running a competition to win a weekend in Paris which you can read about here, we have now changed our name to Equilibre which, of course, is French for Balance.

As Managing Director Ashley Barrowclough says, “this is a once in a lifetime event for Holmfirth and we wanted to show our support for Le Tour but wanted to do something more unusual or unique to reflect our own culture. So we came up with the idea of changing our name to Equilibre from  now until the end of Le Tour. We will also be answering the telephone as “Bonjour, Equilibre” which is bound to cause some confusion for our clients but hopefully they will not put the phone down until they have realised that it is still us.”

This article was compiled by Austen Barrowclough, marketing assistant at Balance Accountants.

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