Friday Favourites – Favourite Song of the Moment

Today we ask the Balance Team what is their favourite song at the moment?

Ashley      – Pharrell Williams – Happy
Austen      – DMX – X Gonna Give It To Ya
Carolyn     – Kiezsa – Hideaway
Claudia      – Pharrell Williams – Happy
Deb             – The Liars – Mess on a Mission
Jacob         – Duke Dumont – I Got U
Jane            – Elbow – One Day Like This
Jo                 – Pharrell Williams – Happy
Josh            – The 1975 – Girls
Karen          – Gary Barlow – Let Me Go
Linda           – Gary Barlow – Let Me Go
Malcolm    – Mary Hopkins – Those Were The Days (Town Anthem)
Phil Sigma – Nobody To Love
Rachel        – Paloma Faith – Can’t Reply On You

Compiled by Deb Bradley, Client Manager at Balance Accountants

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