Easter Is Coming!

The Easter break is just a couple of days away now, so if you haven’t bought your Easter eggs yet then you better hurry up! As most businesses we will be closed on Friday and Monday, and to kick off the long weekend we will be getting lunch paid for by Ashley to celebrate us hitting our target for last month.

As many already know, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ! Since I am half Serbian Easter is the holiest day of the year! I will spend my Easter painting eggs with my 18 month year old son at the Serbian church in Halifax. The eggs are predominantly painted red to symbolise happiness, joy, rebirth and the blood of Christ. Instead of handing chocolate eggs to one another Easter is very family orientated, the day will start off with a selection of smoked meats and cheeses, and then later in the day the main meal will be served usually chicken noodle soup followed by spit roasted lamb!

Whatever you do for Easter make sure you enjoy it and hopefully the sun will stay out for the weekend.

This article was compiled by Austen Barrowclough, marketing assistant at Balance Accountants.

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