Another HMRC Attack!

This time it is the turn of chiropodists, psychologists and homeopaths to be targeted by the attest HMRC campaign, offering the usual time-limited disclosure opportunity in which to bring tax affairs up to date on preferential terms. Basically the taxman is saying “If you have any income that you have not disclosed then tell us all about it and we will go easy on you. If however, you do not tell us voluntarily and we subsequently discover undeclared income then we will take tough action against you!

  1. The scheme is aimed at health professionals who offer physical treatments (including physiotherapy, chiropractic, chiropody, osteopathy, and occupational therapy) or alternative medicine (such as homeopathy, acupuncture and reflexology), or practice in areas like psychology, speech therapy and arts therapy.
  2. The campaign is not intended for doctors and dentists, who were covered by a previous disclosure initiative, or for nurses or social workers.
  3. Individuals have until 31 December to join the scheme. They will then have until 6th April 2014 to make disclosure and pay the tax owed while facing a penalty of a maximum of 20%.
  4. Help is available from HMRC’s health and wellbeing tax plan helpline on 0845 600 4507. As usual, other tax payers wishing to disclose unpaid tax outside of this targeted area can call the voluntary disclosure helpline on 0845 601 5041.

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