Murder & Mystery at Balance Accountants

1 November 2013 marked 20 years of Ashley’s ownership of Balance Accountants and we wanted to celebrate but couldn’t think what to do. Then someone came up with the idea of a murder mystery weekend. Well it was different from anything we had done before so we decided to give it a go.————and what an excellent time we had!!!

After an afternoon of swimming, spa and Jacuzzi plus some generous alcoholic consumption, we dressed up in our 1920’s gear and the murder mystery began. After much frivolity and a superb 3 course meal, it was revealed that Lacey had committed the murder——to be fair, up to that stage nobody really had a clue who had done it, but that only added to the fun that we had.

Next morning, after a hearty breakfast and surprisingly few hangovers, we all headed home with memories of 1920’s Chicago, Al Capone and an extremely good time spent in great company!!!!!

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