Yorkshire Day!

Today is the 1st August which means that once again it’s Yorkshire Day. That day of the year when us Tykes celebrate all things Yorkshire. Things like clean air, Yorkshire pudding, Geoffrey Boycott, real beer and chips with gravy. Yorkshire day was actually first celebrated in the market town of Beverley in 1975 and for some time it was a fairly low key affair but in recent times it has grown in prominence and now it is celebrated with events across the whole of the county and even our home town of Holmfirth is currently festooned with Yorkshire flags in to mark the day.

To be fair, there is no reason why we shouldn’t celebrate our Yorkshire heritage everyday here in God’s own county but until devolution arrives we will just have to be content with one day per year.

This article was compiled by Ashley Barrowclough, partner at Balance Accuntants.

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