New Placement Student

Here at Balance we are continuosly looking for talented staff members from universities. Daniel Morris, currently studying Accounting and Finance at Newcastle University is our latest placement student. Daniel will be beginning his third and final year in September. Daniel wanted to gain some invaluable experience of the workplace and he feels Balance are ideal as they are a modern accountancy firm who’s activities are broad and seem to do accountancy but with a difference and stand out compared to most accountancy companies in the UK.  The opportunity Balance have given me should enable me to be better prepared to adapt to the workplace once I leave University in a years time, as I should enter with a greater insight into what the profession actually involves aswell as giving me the chance to apply the theory I have been taught. Hopefully it will develop my understanding and knowledge of the fundamental and critical aspects of accounting, while also introducing new areas I am not as familiar with yet. I will also gain a greater understanding of the day to day activities of a modern accountant.

If nothing else then by the end of my time here I will definitely understand the meaning of a hard days work and the joys of using public transport, as my day involves a 5 hour round trip including 4 separate trains and 4 buses, meaning I leave my home around half 6 in the morning and don’t arrive home until after 7. So far this has been a reality check when compared to the much less strenuous life of a univeristy student.

This article was compiled by Austen Barrowclough, Marketing Assistant at Balance Accountants.

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