Career Event at Mirfield Free Grammar School

On July 18th Myself and my colleague Karen Ashton attended a careers event at Mirfield Free Grammar School.

This involved working with approximately 160 year 10 and 11 students (ages 15-16), advising them on the ‘working world’, in particular giving them an insight into our roles as Client Managers at Balance and providing them with information as to how they could enter the accountancy profession.

Karen having a chat with some of the students.

As well as helping and giving information to these students this event gave us the opportunity to enhance our own skills, such as presentation, communication and coaching.

The event was arranged by Ahead Partnership, a not for profit business that provides support to a number of schools across Yorkshire , providing links between businesses and schools, to allow businesses of all sizes to play a hands-on role in their local community.

Karen and I thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon back at school, meeting both students and other local businesses, and from the feed- back we have had it would appear the students did too.

This article was compiled by Linda  Jacobs, client manager at Balance Accountants.

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