How To Grow Your Sunflower

If you’re one of the lovely people that we met at the Buy Yorkshire conference then you will now be the proud owner of 2 Russian Giant Sunflower seeds. We really hope that you take a little time to plant these seeds and see the wonders that can be achieved when you and Balance work together to make something flourish!

Below are step-by-step instructions about how to grow your sunflower seeds into beautiful fully grown sunflowers:

  1. Take a small garden pot (roughly a 7.5cm pot would be ideal) and fill the pot with compost to within 1cm of the rim.

Fill pot with compost

2. Poke a hole into the soil and place the seed into the hole.

Place seed in hole

3. Cover the seed with compost and fill the remaining space in the plant pot with soil.

4. Water the plant thoroughly so that the soil is damp all the way through. This effect can be achieved by standing the flower pot  in water for a few minutes as the soil will absorb the water.

Water the seed

Balance Top Tip: Help your seed to flourish by cutting a pop bottle in half and making a mini greenhouse for your seed.

Make a mini greenhouse if desired

It only takes 4 steps to have a seed ready for germination. Germination usually takes around 21 days but your patience will be rewarded. If you plant the seeds outside after all chance of frost has passed then the sunflower can grow to 2.4-3m (which is 8-10ft) tall!

There are lots of reasons why we love the sunflower; it is not just a bright and cheerful colour but also a great symbol for your business. The sunflower loves to be nurtured and its head follows the path of the sun throughout the day. It grows stronger for the care and attention it receives. With this love and care it can flourish and grow taller than all the other plants in the flowerbed. Once grown a single sunflower can produce up to 2000 seeds which is a great reward for the hard work you put in to help it grow.

We hope that you will send us pictures of the lovely sunflowers that you grow. It can be a great family fun project or a relaxing pastime in the garden sunshine. Please send any pictures to: and the best pictures will be displayed on our Facebook page and on the blog.

To learn more about why we like sunflowers so much, read our article here.

This article was compiled by Fiona McNally, AAT Trainee at Balance Accountants.

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