The Entice Project

Balance Accountants are pleased and excited to be involved with The Entice Project.

The aim of this project is to help the community prosper by bringing together local businesses and talented students through apprenticeship schemes.

This was started at Shelley College, with the aim of getting other local schools and colleges involved over time.

We got involved with this project as we feel it could be a better way of getting to know future apprentices, whilst at the same time the students get to know us as they can meet with us over a period of time rather than the usual block of work experience that most schools offer. Businesses can offer experience in the form of regular placements or as one off training days. This gives the student the opportunity to really decide if this is the type of apprenticeship they are interested in.

The project involves the businesses uploading their details onto the project website (there are some case studies already on the website of businesses that have taken on apprentices or are involved in the project by offering training days etc). This does also therefore give the business some free advertising.

Businesses can also upload details of job vacancies onto this website.

The students can put their details and CV’S onto the website and they can view any vacancies and apply for them on line.

In addition to the website there are regular breakfast meetings where students and businesses can get together and share knowledge of each other.

There is also the opportunity for businesses to present themselves at select gatherings (i.e. to students who are interested in that particular area of employment).

Its early days yet for The Entice Project, but this project has the backing of Kirklees Council and is also already getting other schools interested.

It may well be something worth looking at and getting involved in if you interested in taking on an apprentice, or if you can offer work experience to interested students.

You can learn more about The Entice Project  at

This article was compiled by Linda Jacobs, Client Manager at Balance Accountants.

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