Brilliant Person Award March 2013

Once a month we have a staff meeting, and as part of the staff meeting we have a Brilliant Person Award!  The award is passed on month by month by the person who won it the previous month, and as I ‘won’ it in February it was my turn to pass it on!

Choosing who to pass the award on too as I found out was no simple task!  Especially as I was on holiday for the week before the staff meeting!  But it was time to pass it on and so I made my choice.

This month I passed the Brilliant Person Award onto Rachel Graham, this was because of the help I received on a particular job when I was stumped as to what had gone ‘wrong’ and she helped me to sort it out, it was also for the continued support I have received since joining Balance in November and also the continued lifts I have received to work!

This article was compiled by Jacob Lee, ATT trainee at Balance Accountants.

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