A rowdy ‘circus crowd’ was the description of the deputy speaker of the

House of Commons as Chancellor George Osborne stood to deliver his

fourth budget speech.

In these Budget special articles, we want to provide an insightful overview of how

the Budget 2013 will affect you. Not necessarily the immediate

effects, for example, the reduction in the duty on beer, but the effects

which will impact long term on planning for your family, your business

and your future.

Personal Allowance

Employers Allowance

Tax free childcare scheme

Company car and company car fuel rates

Lifetime Allowance (LTA) for pensions contributions

Child trust funds

Employee Shareholder Contracts

Extension of the Capital Gains Tax holiday on Seed Enterprise Investments

Capital Gains Tax (CGT): annual exempt amount (AEA)

Inheritance Tax

Stamp duty abolished for shares listed on the growth stock markets

The main rate of Corporation Tax (CT) will fall to 20%

Research and development (R&D) incentives

Help to buy scheme

Employer provided benefits in kind: beneficial loans

Disincorporation relief

Small businesses and cash accounting

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