Brilliant Person Award August 2012

As I was the recipient of the Balance brilliant person award in July, it is my turn to write a blog to let everyone know who I chose to give the award to at our recent August staff meeting.

The lucky person who gets the privilege of keeping the award for the next month is Verity Young.

The reason why I chose to give the award to Verity is because back in June, Verity took exams in Business Strategy and Financial Reporting as she studies towards gaining membership of the ICAEW professional body.

These exams are challenging – they require many hours of study at college; and also a great deal of dedication to put the study hours in on an evening after work, and also on a weekend (particularly so on the rare occasion that the sun pops out from behind the clouds!)

Recently, Verity received the excellent news that she had passed both of the exams that she took in June, and I thought that it was only right that she received the brilliant person award as recognition for her achievements!

Well Done Verity!

Written by Phil Auckland – Accountant at Balance Accountants.

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