Harry on his Hols!

I’ve not written anything for a while now so I thought I’d update you on how Harry is getting on!

We have just got back from a family holiday in Filey where Harry has enjoyed lots of firsts!  He took his first steps on our first day after teasing us that he was going to start walking for a while!  So we spent most of the week trying to get him to take more than a few steps and he is now keeping us on our toes!!  Now he needs his first pair of shoes!  Shoe shopping here we come…

He also enjoyed digging and building sandcastles  on the beach.  Although I think he enjoyed destroying the sandcastles rather than building them, as they didn’t last more than a minute or so!!

Harry on the beach

Another of Harry’s firsts was to have a donkey ride, after lots of waving and laughing at them earlier in the week!  I think he enjoyed it as he loves animals, but it was a little tricky trying to keep him sat on the donkey whilst walking alongside trying not to get in its way! Especially when he started to squirm!

We were in Scarborough the day the Olympic Torch relay came to town, so luckily got to see the torch close up!  Though I’m sure Harry was none the wiser and wondered what on earth was going on!

Harry with Hannah

Harry enjoying his first Whitby fish and chips

Harry is desperately trying to talk and is always chattering away in his own little language, so no doubt my next blog will be letting you know what his first words are!

This article was compiled by Hannah Simpson – Client Manager at Balance Accountants

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