Brilliant Person Award July 2012

This is the first monthly blog, to report the recipient of our monthly brilliant person award.

The brilliant person award is an internal award given each month, to a member of staff who has stood out from the crowd during that month.  The recipient of the award has a month to enjoy the glory which goes with it, and then it is his/her responsibility to pick the winner for the next month.  The award is something which has been running at Balance for a while now.

So it is my pleasure to report that during the month to 11 July 2012, I awarded the trophy to Phillip Auckland.

The trophy was given to Phil for a number of reasons, but mainly because he is an excellent, dependable right hand man.  No matter what task is thrown his way, he always ensures he provides the necessary answers in good time, and to his very high standards.  I work closely with Phil on a regular basis, but during the month to 11 July 2012 his efforts really stood out, and he went above and beyond the duties required of him.

Congratulations Phil!

Written by David Handley ACCA – Client Manager at Balance Accountants.

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  • Congratulations and well deserved Phil. You are not only dependable and great work colleague but a superb friend to me and my whole family.

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