Attention all new business owners !

Balance Accountants launch enhanced service for new businesses

Research shows that 4 out of 5 new businesses fail within their first 5 years of trading and that 57% fail within the first 12 months. The good news is that research also shows that careful financial planning and a good accountant are 2 of the things that really make a difference in helping new businesses to avoid becoming just another statistic.

The Balance START-UP SERVICE is squarely aimed at new or fledgling businesses with the sense and foresight to learn the financial ropes, get their accounts in order and then prepare to prosper and grow. It’s our way of helping to tip the balance in favour of short term survival leading to long term success.

So if you are about to start or have recently started a new business then it might be worth a call to Balance Accountants to see how the service that we offer can help your business to succeed!!!!

This post was compiled by Ashley Barrowclough on behalf of The Balance Team.

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