Bowling Accountants

‘Can we have the barriers up please?’ was a question asked many times by a few, but once raised, did little to improve their game anyway!  Yes that’s right, the Balance gang ventured for a competitive game of bowling recently down at Super Bowl on Leeds Road.  Reputations were on the line after a few rounds of shameless boasting and proclaims of being ‘really good at bowling on the Nintendo Wii’!  Round One saw misguided attempts, trapped thumbs in the bowling ball holes, and many balls travelling down the side lines.  Others, however, made getting a strike look so easy and effortless that it left the rest of us wondering what it was we were doing so wrong?

Phil (foreground); Malcolm, sporting Balance colours even after hours (left); Karen our resident gardener, and husband Stephen (right).

 By the second game things were getting just a little desperate. Advice on technique was given, barriers were used to zigzag the balls down the lanes (Nathan!) and some even made use of the ramps!  I was under the impression the ramps were there to help small children to get a strike or at least hit a few balls?  I’m sure you weren’t supposed to practically launch the ball down the ramp, cause a slight earthquake then completely miss the pins!

Verity says Bye-Bye to the bowling ball.

 Two malfunctions and three games later, wrists, arms, and fingers were aching from all the action.  The scores were impressive for those who came top (Ashley, Stephen, Nathan, Leticia and Jody), but if the game was based on enthusiasm and efforts alone we all would have gone home with a trophy.

This article was compiled by Leticia Johnson on behalf of the Balance Team.

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