Introducing Karen – Gardening is her Thing

If you have seen the photograph of me on the website or my email and have wondered why I am watering a plant, or indeed what the plant is, well the truth is that when I’m not at work I am a keen gardener and enjoy nothing more than passing a few hours in the fresh air.  Plenty of people have asked what the plant is and contrary to popular opinion I am not growing cannabis in the office and the plant is actually Box, completely legal, which was just brought in for the photo and is now growing happily away at home.

In gardening you are always learning new things and in the last couple of years, to broaden my knowledge further, I have been doing a course studying toward the RHS Level 2 Certificate in horticulture.  When Ashley recently found out I was doing this he suggested that I start a gardening blog, so here it is the first one.

Karen, taking our strapline "accountancy for growth" very seriously

We acquired our current garden a few years ago when it was nothing more than an overgrown plot with weeds and nettles galore, in fact I think it may have been used in the film Jurassic Park.  Three years on and fortunately without finding any dinosaurs (just a few dogs’ bones) we have managed to reclaim the garden from mother nature and the opportunity has allowed me to entirely redesign the garden.  We now have flower borders, a kitchen garden and a patio area, I’ve even got my own little garden shed!  Although it will be a few years before the garden begins to mature it starting to take shape and I’ll keep you up to date here on the blog.

As if reclaiming my own garden wasn’t enough last summer I made a start on creating garden at Shelley Station on the Kirklees Light Railway.  This area was again overgrown with lots of perennial weeds to deal with and although it isn’t bursting at the seams with plants yet, or necessarily at its full size, a start has a least been made.  If and when it makes sense I’ll keep you up to date with what is happening with this garden as well.

This time of the year is frustrating for gardeners with the dark mornings, dark nights and cold weather preventing much taking place outside.  So if you thought I was getting stressed with all those tax returns, the truth is its actually the frustration of being a gardener.  January is best for looking through seed catalogues in the warmth of the house and planning for the next year.  I can’t do without my fix of fresh air though so I’ve been doing a few jobs in the greenhouse and have now pruned back our dogwoods, it made the garden look very empty but its best for the plants and it won’t be long until they’ve put fresh new growth on for next winters spectacular display. 

That’s about it for my first ever blogpost and I look forward to giving you an update in the coming months.

This post was compiled by Karen Ashton.  Please leave comments and questions below.

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