Take Control of Your Business in 2012.

For business owners, the Christmas break is often a time to reflect on their business.  For many there will be the realisation that their business could be much better than it is.  They may be working long difficult hours for little or low profits: dealing with difficult customers and staff, struggling with cashflow and declining sales.  And for many business owners, the prospect of returning at the start of the new year can be depressing and demoralising.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.  Remember when you first started in business? You were excited, motivated and looking forward to the freedom and wealth that business ownership could bring.  Isn’t it time to regain control of your business and get back to those exciting times when you first started?

Could we give you a helping hand?

The starting point has to be the creation of a working business plan which you can refer to on a regular basis and adapt as circumstances change.  A plan which involves getting rid of poor customers and getting more of your ideal customer, creating a successful team that are as inspired as you, delegating unnecessary tasks, creating time to work on your business rather than in it, devising new marketing strategies, creating an exceptional customer care programme.  In short, creating that business that you dreamed of when you first ventured into business ownership.

Taking the first steps can be daunting and it is often difficult to know where to start.  So why not work with a business mentor—someone who has already experienced all of this.  At Balance Accountants we perform this role for about 10% of our clients—we could do it for your business as well!!!

Feel free to give us a ring to find out more.

This article was compiled by Ashley Barrowclough.

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