What a Great Day!

Yes, it’s true, some set off in fear and trepidation but by the end we all wanted another go; except there was no feeling left in hands, arms or shoulders!

Ever wondered what it’s like to see red go green, put foot flat on the floor with a tank of fuel between your legs and scream towards the first corner before testing the brakes? Well, give us a call, watch the video or find out for yourself – Go-karting!

14 set off for the Parkwood circuit, Sheffield (GB) with little idea of what lay ahead. Whatever it was, we didn’t see it.

Decked out in full racing suits, helmets, gloves (for the fashion conscious) – yes they work, because Paul won – split into 2 groups for qualifying on full slicks, with qualifications thrown out of the window – no there weren’t any – we ventured onto the warm-up lap. This took longer than the race itself!

With little warning – “Watch the lights” (why? someone said – but too slow!) we hurtled down the hill to the 1st corner. Meanwhile, back on the grid, Tish wondered where the smell of burning rubber was coming from.

Qualifying was keenly contested – too keenly by some (allegedly) – conspiracy theories conjured plotting how to immobilise or sabotage likely title contenders – they failed. Most bends safely negotiated – Verity has given her name to one of them! – the final starting-positions established to heated debate – but you cannot question a computer – Oh yes you can!

What a surprise – The A final to be contested by boys, the B final by girls (+ Nathan who couldn’t resist extra practice that backfired through tiredness in a lap 3 spin in the A final costing him a medal) – shame.

And do we care who won? Of course we do – especially those who polish their medals regularly – I can still taste champagne.

A fantastic day, try for yourself – thanks Ashley (I would have let you win)


This article was written by Malcolm Jacobs on behalf of the Balance Team

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