Historical Interpretation at Stirling Castle, Scotland

Our clients, Bob and Hilary Holsman, have won the contract to provide historical interpretation at Stirling Castle in Scotland.  This involves providing guides in authentic period costumes to take visitors around the castle, creating the historical atmosphere and providing  details of the castle buildings and the Kings and Queens that lived there in the 16th century.  It is a significant contract which was won in the face of serious competition from the likes of Tussauds in London and Hampton Court.

Bob and Hilary formerly had a glass engraving business in Skelmanthorpe but moved to Scotland around 14 years ago after being attracted to the area during frequent holiday visits.  Bob had an interest in World War II memorabilia and battle re-enactment and when he moved to Scotland he diversified into Scottish history.  Over the years he has built up a detailed knowledge of Scottish history and is now regarded as something of an expert in the subject.  Hilary is an accomplished dressmaker and therefore is able to make all the period costumes required.  Their son, John, has followed in the family footsteps and is also involved in the business. 

For a number of years now they have been providing historical interpretation and period re-enactment at places like Edinburgh Castle and when the contract for Stirling Castle came up it was a natural progression for the Holsmans.  The contract is initially for 7 years but there are number of other significant historical sites in Scotland that will be looking for a similar service in the near future and Bob and Hilary are now perfectly placed to pick up additional contracts as they become available.


Balance's Ashley Barrowclough with Bob and Hilary in the Great Hall at Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle has recently been beautifully restored and is a great symbol of Scottish independence and a source of enduring national pride.  The castle’s long, turbulent history is associated with great figures from Scotland’s past, such as William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and Mary Queen of Scots.  Years of research have been carried out by archaeologists, historians and other scholars to ensure that every detail – from the magnificent four-poster beds to the heraldic decorations on the walls and ceilings – will be as authentic as possible.

Stirling Castle by night

We wish Bob and Hilary every success with their new contract, and look forward to bringing you further news in the future.

Image of Stirling Castle by night from Discover Scotland Tours

This article was compiled by Ashley Barrowclough on behalf of teh Balance Team.

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