A Gadget Show Challenge for Running In The Halls

We love bringing you fun news about what our clients are up to.  This past month has been especially exciting for one of our newest clients, Huddersfield based Running In The Halls, as they have been involved in one of the infamous challenges on The Gadget Show.

They were approached a few weeks ago to help Jason Bradbury beat Suzi Perry design the best flash casual game.  Their contribution to the cause was to create a steampunk Ninja game called Mech-Fu.  There was a flurry of excitement and much tweeting when Jason and The Gadget Show team were in Huddersfield last Tuesday (22nd) to film their progress.

After a race against time, and much sleep deprivation, the finished game was sent across to Channel 5 on Monday, and went live on the Channel 5 website on Tuesday.  Click here to find out all of the information about the final game design along with the game put forward by Suzi. 

The winner of the challenge will be judged by how many hits the relevant link gets from the public.  The challenge finishes at the end of March.  So look no further for something new to do in your lunch break – March 2011 can be Mech-Fu month; get gaming and help to Running In The Halls win the challenge!

Iman with Jason Bradbury at the Running In The Halls design studio


Alison and Sam with Jason Bradbury at the Running In The Halls design studio

The final results will be aired in April – we will let you know the exact date nearer the time.  In the meantime, we would love to hear your comments below.  And be sure to tell us about what you think of Mech-Fu. 

2 Responses to “A Gadget Show Challenge for Running In The Halls”

  • Sounds great. I didn’t think accountants were supposed to have that much fun!
    Sarah Chapman

  • wow, thanks for the love guys! much appreciated. and plus points for the steampunk-ninja tag! that should actually be the name of the game.

    we can’t actually beat the game ourselves – , but we’re pretty sure there’s an eleven year old twitching away somewhere, savouring reaching level 4 by tucking into a sugary snack.

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