Our New Friends – Mum’s The Boss South Yorkshire

I’ve really been looking forward to bringing this post to you.

We are extremely pleased to announce that we have recently become one of the sponsors for the South Yorkshire branch of Mum’s The Boss.

Through time spent on Twitter I came across the website for Mum’s The Boss, run by Sam and Helen and based in Bedfordshire.  I was attracted to the idea behind this networking support group as it specifically designed for people (usually the Mums) who need to network, but whose day is built around childcare needs and can’t easily or regularly commit to attending breakfast or teatime meetings, for example.  This suited me down to the ground – I have a 2-year-old daughter and my need to network on behalf of Balance is hindered by my commitments to our home life.  

At the time I found Mum’s The Boss there were groups set up in Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Hertfordshire – all too far away for us to get involved.  Then one day came news of a South Yorkshire group starting up.  On enquiring I found out that meetings were set to be fairly central to Sheffield.   This was more like it.  Although we have a West Yorkshire address, Sheffield is very accessible to us.  In fact, we have a very healthy cluster of clients down that way already.

I made contact with Sarah Chapman, the brave soul who has taken on the responsibility of getting the South Yorkshire Branch up and running – no mean feat, as anyone who’s ever attempted this will tell you.  I explained our interest in getting involved with the meetings on some level, and to cut a longish story short, we are now a sponsor.

This means that I will be going along to the ‘open morning’ next Tuesday, 9th November to meet Sarah, the other sponsors and all prospective members.  I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone, not least so that I can decide what topic will suit the group best when I do my ‘bit’ on 8th March next year. 

For further details of the meeting (including creche facilities) visit the Mum’s The Boss events page.

Other sponsors are Seven Twelve PR and My Secret Kitchen.

If you are intending to join Mum’s The Boss South Yorkshire and want to make our acquaintance beforehand you can follow us on Twitter, email me at deborah@balanceonline.co.uk , or leave a comment below of course.

This post was compiled by Deborah Bradley.

6 Responses to “Our New Friends – Mum’s The Boss South Yorkshire”

  • I hope to be there. Like you I am not actually from South Yorkshire but Sheffield isn’t too far from York. I just expanded my business from doing my husband’s books/admin to offering the same service to others.

    Although my son is now 16, I need networking events during the school day as he has a learning disability (amongst other things) and needs to be met after school.

    See you next Tuesday.

  • Thanks Deborah. I’m hoping that bringing Mums The Boss here will help us all be the business owners and parents that we want to be. I’m also looking forward to learning from people who’ve been juggling childcare and business a lot longer than me! Looking forward to seeing you, Fiona and everyone else next Tuesday.

  • Karen Perkins will be there ! It is a great idea, I am a mum,and also a Life and Business Coach working in Sheffield. I look forward to meeting other like minded people who are setting up ,and juggling home and work. I hope i can share some of your experiences and hopefully get some feedback to ensure the service I provide can be really tailored to your needs ! I also assist with the other side of the sandwich generation ,as I do Laterlife planning to help carers and relatives, juggle aging parents.teenagers and running a business ! Phew ! Looking forward to Tuesday !

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