Help For Business Owners To Get Control Of Their Business

In order to be successful in business, it is necessary to believe in success.  The most profitable business owners are not the ones who are busy but the ones who work smartly.  They are the ones who have a clear vision of what they want to do with their business.  They constantly review performance and they focus on working on their business, not in it.  There are many good business owners but far less successful ones.

What is apparent is that the most successful ones plan ahead and then monitor performance on a regular basis so that they can take corrective action wherever necessary.  However, preparing a detailed business plan can take a significant amount of time so at Balance Accountants we use something called the One Page Plan not only in our own business but also in clients’ businesses.

The One Page Plan is based upon an American management tool called the Balanced Scorecard and basically looks at all the key factors behind a business’ success and maps them out in a way that enables the owner to constantly record and monitor the key success drivers in the business and take timely action where required.  It is a simple but very effective business tool which very quickly becomes an indispensable management process once implemented.

If you would like to have more information about One Page Plans, or for a free initial meeting to discuss how these could work for you and your business, then please call me, Ashley Barrowclough.  There is also funding available for this service so what have you got to lose?

This article was compiled by Ashley Barrowclough.
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