Enjoyable Holiday (for 2 reasons)

Just returned from a weeks holiday in the Cotswolds.  We stayed in a beautiful old house which apparently used to be a school which boasted Steven Fry as one of its pupils.  The weather was beautiful but cold and frosty.  From our base near Stroud we ventured out to Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Bath, Cirencester and Cheddar Gorge.  We also visited a village called Bourton on the Water which is described as the “Venice of the Cotswolds” due to the fact that there is a river flowing right through the centre with seven bridges crossing it.  Bourton is a very picturesque village and I thoroughly recommend it for a visit by anyone who finds themselves in the area with free time – lots of cafes, pubs and restaurants to sample while you are there.

Bourton-on-the-Water in the Cotswolds

 There was no mobile phone signal where we were staying so I wasn’t able to keep in touch with the office and wasn’t sure what to expect on my return to work on Monday.  However, there was no need to worry because everything was shipshape and running beautifully well.  Cash collections were up and we had even picked up some new clients.  I suppose that is the benefit of having a really good team of staff!!!  —   as they don’t seem to need me in the office then perhaps I should go away more often?

if you have any comments we’d love to hear them.

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