The First Step on Our Journey

Well, our journey with the designers started back towards the end of last summer, though I don’t think we were aware of just what we had let ourselves in for. 

For many months, if not years, the management team at ‘Rogers and Co’ (that’s what we used to be called), had been trying to consolidate all of their visions, aspirations and goals for the firm into a cohesive business model.  However, any progress was slow going, due largely to the fact that any responsibilities and deadlines relating to our re-organisation dished out to any of the managers went by the wayside as soon as ‘real’ work had to be done, which, obviously, was all the time.  And because we like each other, we never got into trouble with each other if we turned up at the next meeting having not completed the task(s) we had been set.  

Don’t get me wrong, plenty of improvements did appear, slowly, eventually; we had many systems and procedures in place that we reckoned set us apart from the vast majority of accountancy practices out there.  Relationships with many of our clients (especially some of the newer ones where we had started with a slightly different approach) were proving to be very enjoyable and beneficial to both parties.  We knew we were on the right track but just couldn’t make it gel – something was missing and we didn’t know what. 

Then Ashley, (the Boss), came across a project through Business Link called Designing Demand which interested him,   and so he met with Business Link’s Philippa Coultish.  Without realising it he was being interviewed and considered for the scheme, which had limited availability of 200 across our region.   

Learning that we had been accepted onto the scheme was a boost to our collective ego, however, even then we still didn’t really know exactly what we had let ourselves in for; this was a strange thing for us to be doing – we were used to working as an approved supplier with Business Link and therefore, were used to being professionals with the answers; to be a business in need of other professionals with the answers took us into an unknown realm. 

The unknown road ahead - where would it lead to?

We were soon about to find out where we were going once we were introduced to Ellis Pitt…… 

This article was compiled by Deb Bradley on behalf of The Balance Team.
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