July = Team News and Fun

Apologies for not blogging much in July.  We encountered a rather busy month.  It was the first month of our new year, with it’s new projections and goals, and we had targets to strive for despite lots of annual leave booked up.  So it was all noses to the grindstone, and no time for frivolous blogging.  And I’m pleased to say that we blasted through our targets and have earned our reward which we are receiving next week – a dress down day and breakfast butties – hooray! 

In and around that there have been other things going on: 

Twins Update
We are pleased to announce that the Balance Twins (very appropriate don’t you think?) arrived into this world on 9 July. 

Newly Born Annabelle and Abigail

We are told that Annabelle is the wide awake and noisy one whilst her sister, Abigail, is the sleepyhead.  Congratulations to Jo and Nigel – enjoy this very special time. 

Welcome to the New Trainee
During July we had Nathan Hooton join us for a week’s work experience, and it turns out he enjoyed the experience so much he joined us full-time this week. 

Nathan has just left Shelley College after doing A/S Levels in Business, Maths and PE.  He will be starting day release in September doing his AAT exams. 

Hopefully, we can arrange for his photographs to be taken soon and he can be added to the Balance website, so you can all have a gander and he’ll feel part of the team. 

World Cup Woes
Obviously some of us enjoyed the World Cup more than others.  I won’t go into the ups and downs of it all now as its old news, but we did run a sweep stake – winner takes all – of which the outright winner was Phil.  He was the excited recipient of a whole £16 – I think he’s still deciding on how best to invest it. 

Phil (right) - winner of the Balance World Cup Sweep Stake, with David (left).

So, that’s a quick round up of what we were up to in July.  August is looking to be a slightly less stressful month, but, as we all know, that could change at any time. 

This post was written by Deb Bradley on behalf of the Balance Team.

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