First Words From The Boss

Well, we have now been Balance Accountants for a month and so far we have received a lot of positive feedback from many different quarters.  Some people have asked why we decided to change our name after so many years as Rogers and Co.  It is part of a total rebranding of our firm; something that we felt was needed to enable us to take the business to the next level and to enable us to stand out from the crowd.

We have never thought of ourselves as being the stereotypical, grey-suited, number crunching accountants, and we wanted an image that reflected our own individuality.  Now we have got a vibrant name and logo, vibrant colours, a superb website and enthused staff, all of which enable us to stand out from the crowd.

In the coming months we will be pushing the Balance brand wherever we can in order to create public awareness and raise our profile so that Balance becomes a household name in the local business community.

The Boss, Ashley Barrowclough, speaking from the Board Room

It’s  one thing, however, creating a new name and logo but the most important aspect of a brand is the philosophy and principles that go behind it.  For example, BMW and Mercedes motors cars are known for their quality and people are prepared to pay a premium price for that quality.

At Balance, our brand is being built upon the quality of our team, our approachability and our intentions to work not so much as a third-party supplier, but to work hand in hand in partnership with our clients; not only to be the trusted advisors but to be an integral part of our clients’ teams, helping them to make their own businesses more successful and enjoyable to run.

Hopefully, over time, people will come to associate these principles and philosophies with the Balance Brand in the same way that they associate quality motor cards with BMW and Mercedes.

From the point of view of timing, the rebranding exercise couldn’t have come at a better time.  In the middle of the deepest recession for over 70 years, when everyone is feeling down and businesses are struggling, the rebranding has revitalised our office and inspired our staff.  We are now approaching our work in a more positive mood and we are actively seeking out and winning new businesses rather than just plodding along, trying to weather the storm.

From this point of view I would recommend rebranding to all our clients.  I am sure that it will provide a fillip to your business and help you to re-ignite those passions that inspired you to start your own business in the first place.

Anyway, enough about the rebranding; I will provide further updates via this blog, in the meantime remember…..

………Old Accountants don’t die —— they just lose their Balance.

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  • I just had to comment on your new look.

    Fantastic! What a refreshing change to see a firm of Accountants that are brave enough to use a colour other than grey!

    Good luck….


    (PS – love the snowboard photo!)

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