There's a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall…..

The day has finally arrived; the day when our super-duper efficient payroll department leaves us for 9 months to go on maternity leave.  Yes, Payroll Jo is off to put her feet up for a few weeks before the arrival of her twin girls – how very exciting.

Jo joined Balance Accountants (in its previous form – see our rebranding story) in 2003.  Since then she has taken extremely good care of our payroll service and its clients.   It’s one of those situations where someone makes a very trying job look deceptively easy.  All client files are very thorough, all papers are exactly where you expect them to be, no missing information whatsoever; Jo’s files make the preparation of wages and PAYE control accounts almost delightful.

The news came to us all in February when Jo was already four months pregnant, and had already had the news that twins were on the way.  Perhaps it goes without saying that everyone was really pleased for her and there was a flurry of excitement around the office.  It did also explain a few things; I, for one, had thought that perhaps she’d been really enjoying all of that Christmas chocolate.

Jo Sykes, looking forward to putting her feet up

So, in addition to coping with the long list of irritations that pregnancy causes, and coping with the long list of irritations that operating payrolls causes, Jo has also been training up her understudy.  Now this is where it gets a little confusing because the understudy is also called Jo.  So just to get it straight, Jo Sykes is going on her maternity leave and Jo Hedges is taking up the mantle.

Jo Hedges has been with us for 7 years, working initially in administration, but more recently looking after the accounts and debt control for the practice, and she’s the one on the website showing us what to do with a hula-hoop.   She is used to standing in for Jo (Sykes) on her days off, but the challenge of looking after the payroll department and dealing with all the issues that can arise is a little daunting to say the least.  So if you have to ring her for any reason, be gentle with her.  So, Jo,  we wish you good luck in your secondment, you’ve got some big boots to fill so don’t forget there are people around to help if you feel like throwing a wobbly.

Jo Hedges in action

So, it’s just left for me to say to Jo (Sykes), on behalf of all the staff at Balance, that we wish you and Nigel all the best, enjoy putting your feet up, and we look forward to meeting the new arrivals.  Also, try to make getting sleep a priority, but that’s easier said than done.  Keep us up to date whenever you can, and hopefully, it’s only “so long and farewell” til March.

(This post was complied by Deb Bradley, Client Manager, on behalf of the Balance Team.)

…….couldn’t resist…


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