3 Weeks in and We're Still Here

Yes, we’re pleased to report that it’s been three weeks since the launch of our new identity and we’re still here, going strong, after what turned out to be a relatively smooth and seamless transition.

In the weeks leading up to the launch, scheduled for 1 May 2010, we were all rather intrigued and amused to see how easily we, and clients, would take to the change.  There was talk of having a swear box in the office for ‘donations’ from anyone who slipped up and used the old practice name (Rogers and Co – who?) whilst speaking on the phone, and other such musings.

However, we were also busy having the offices reorganised and decorated in the new corporate colours, and new signage and stationery was being put into place etc.  By the time 1 May arrived I think that most of us had already made the mental jump over to the new identity, to the point that as April drew on it didn’t feel right still using the old name and identity anymore.

So the first day back in the office, after the bank holiday weekend, we were all a little apprehensive about taking on and owning this new identity when speaking to the outside world.  All clients, suppliers and associates had been informed of our metamorphisis by a mailshot which would have landed on their doormats over the weekend; what would they be thinking?

And do you know what?  That’s about as much as I can remember of that morning.  We all got to work and phones started to ring, in that first-day-of-the-week way that they do, and calling ourselves Balance Accountants over the phone felt as natural as we could have hoped, and clients accommodated the change with little fuss.  And even after three weeks there have been very few slips of the tongue and I really don’t think anyone thinks of Rogers and Co anymore. 

Deb Bradley, Client Manager, and her little helper

We have had a lot of positive comments from clients who are, afterall, business people and who appreciate that from time to time, a business will feel the need to redefine itself and decide how they move forward.  We’ve had most postive comments from people who had taken a look at our new website.  One member of staff has reported a negative comment along the lines of ‘well, it’s not really in keeping with what accountants do is it?’ to which my colleague responded, ‘Well, that means we’re doing something right then, thanks for the compliment’.

So this launch and initial period is but one stage along the way on our rebranding journey, which started last summer.  It’s a journey that we would like to share with you over the coming months with the view that you may find it intriguing and maybe, even interesting.  Maybe you are thinking of rebranding yourself, or are a branding company that would like some insight into the way our collective mind has been thinking during this process.  We think it’s worth sharing with you , afterall, it may be blowing our own trumpet, but we think that we’ve been pretty brave to adopt such a contemporary identity within a profession that is traditionally, ..well…traditional.

If you have anything to say on anything you’ve seen and read so far, please leave a comment. 

Thanks for reading this far – we’ve got big plans for this blog so please keep up to date on new posts

This post has been compiled by Deb Bradley, Client Manager, on behalf of the Balance Team.  Deb also looks after our Twitter Account – makeitbalance

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  • Great blog! Good to see accountants who are prepared to stand up and be different…. I did marry one, afterall. Hope the change to Balance continues to work well for you all.

    Have fun :o)

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